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slow sand filter, biological sand filter – nomenclature vs design

First let me say; it has become increasingly obvious that collaboration is a powerful tool for the development of technology. Just look at Android which came from Linux – the ultimate technology collaboration example. When Linux first came out, certain people laughed at it – now it is recognized world wide as the best system ever created (IMHO).

Now I would like to make some clarifications here.  My filter design  is covered by the Creative Commons license, which allows anyone to use and sell the design, or add to it and improve on it, with proper citations. I do not claim that the water running through my filter design is guaranteed to be potable in all cases.

With all due respect to Dr. David Manz, the filters I have built and have been testing for the past 4 years are not “Biosand” filters. They are modified slow sand filters, and so far the tests have shown that the design is functional and “cleaning” is not needed in the same fashion as other biological sand filters, as the use is different; and furthermore, the input water is roof water or well water that has very low turbidity and / or contains hydrocarbon pollution from the roofing material and local air pollution.  So, please, don’t confuse my design with the “Biosand” filter. It is not the same. The only close similarity is that both types of filters use biological action.

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DIY first flush diverter provides cleaner roof water

I have part one of the video on the diverter up on YouTube. It is here:

Some questions included how does the pipe seal if there is only glue on one part? How long are the pieces? The friction fit is enough to seal the parts that are not glued. Some pvc pipe does not fit exactly like the ones here so be aware of that. The od and id dimensions of all pvc are not identical. The video should give a good idea of how long to make the pieces. The inch and a quarter pipe (the one with the bevel is 2 inches long and the inch and a half pipe (the one on the bottom that will get holes drilled in it) is 10 inches long.