Slow sand filter video

Ok, here’s the deal. We had a video on YouTube for 10 years documenting our first slow sand filter. It had to be removed because of a copyright issue. Here is a link to the same video without the copyright issue and no ads:

In making the video, we spent hours searching for royalty-free non-copy-written music for the video. We found a piece and included it in the video. Now, that the video has accumulated over 250, 000 views, someone has made a copyright claim. YouTube has said, no problem, just let them control the video and get all the revenue from it. We  removed the music in question. Unfortunately, YouTube won’t allow users to remove the copy written material and maintain their followers, and view ratings. Once you get over 100,000  views you can’t edit the video and keep the same position and link.   So we have deleted the original video and re-posted it without the music. Now, everything on that video is ORIGINAL content – OUR CONTENT CREATED BY US AND ONLY US. The tests were done by Amtest, in Kirkland Washington. We paid for the tests and did the work of collecting samples to be tested.

The fault lies directly with the site that claimed we could use the music they supplied.  Let this be a lesson, post only content you create. Never, NEVER trust a site that claims to have “free music content” for your download. We did this 10 years ago, and at that time it seemed reasonable to trust the site. Big mistake. Someone found a way to claim the music we had on the video, and also the revenue that could be made from it. The music is gone. However, now the public will not be able to find the video easily. The upside is, the music was actually terrible, and most likely hurt, rather than helped the video. I should have edited it out before the thing got to over 100 k views.

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