Slow sand filter update

It is now January 25, 2019. We are still working on the website. Nearly complete. We are also working on the filters. It froze here in November, and December, and we are working on repairing the filters. No serious damage. Pipes were not glued, so they just came apart as the frozen water inside expanded. All the filters, with the exception of the five gallon filters are still here and will be started up soon. Several have  been running continuously. The first filter we built, 12 years ago, is still running. The first pond filter we built still runs 24/7 , and the water is crystal clear 24/7. More updates will be posted as time permits.  There has been a lot of damage here due to severe weather events both summer, and winter; so we have much work to do.

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  1. Legal In Indiana now or not?

  2. filter_guy says:

    To the best of my knowledge, there are no states in the U.S. that prohibit rain water harvesting or slow sand water filters. Individual cities and/or counties may have restrictions.We have a page here with info:

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