Slow sand filter update August 8, 2020

All of the original filters except one are still active and running. As of last month, this blog has been here for 12 years. All this time we have been studying and carefully observing the ability of naturally occurring processes to effectively remove bacteria, viruses, and some chemical contaminants from water. We know this works, because of science. There are hundreds of others who have found similar results. On this blog and the associated websites we have detailed information about our experience. We also have a 30 plus page write-up of the entire process available in pdf format.

Sadly, we are still dealing with the Covid19 pandemic here in Western Washington state. We have been in quarantine. We were extremely ill two months ago. Two tests for covid19 came out negative, for us, and we have been healthy since the illness. We are, so far, lucky. There are still too many people who refuse to wear masks, and want to continue as if there is no problem whatsoever. Sad, indeed. We have highly limited access to any testing facilities, although it is possible shop in some stores as long as you wear a mask. As soon as possible we will have some tests done on the filters here. It may be quite some time before we can have any professional testing done on any of the filters here.

Because we have had supplies here before the pandemic, we now have two newly built slow sand filters cleaning water in fish tanks. One filter is serving a 10 gallon aquarium. It has been running for 6 months. No tests yet, but the water has been kept clean and totally odor free; and the fish are quite healthy. We also have a 100 gallon pond with a small slow sand filter serving it, just started. More later. Please; stay safe.

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