Slow sand filters frozen in November 2014

It is now November 21, 2014, and all of the filters that were frozen have thawed out and are running again. All of the filters here, with the exception of filter 2 and filter 3, were frozen for 10 days. The temps were below freezing for 8 nights in a row. Filter 2 and 3 filter water from a surface well that has a pump that runs water heated by a 100 watt light bulb. This was enough to keep the filters from freezing up at temps of 23 degrees F at night and 33 degrees F during the day for 8 days. The water runs 24/7 through the filters at a very slow rate of 20 gallons per hour. Nothing has been done on the 5 gallon filter. All but 2 of the 5 gallon filters were removed from service because they did not work. The two remaining filters run in series with the coarse sand filter first, and the fine sand filter second. No tests have been possible because of freezing weather. Now the 2 5 gallon filters will need to run for at least 2 weeks before a test is possible. The weather may not hold. It may be well into next year before any tests are possible.

A wind storm came through, early this month,  with very strong winds from the north northEast and wind chills of 10 degrees. (That is really, really cold for this area). We very seldom get strong winds from the east or Northeast.  In 65 years I do not remember another time we have had strong winds from the north east here. The storm blew down a huge tree on one of our buildings and that has taken all of my spare time to clean up. Much damage and much repair and clean up yet to do.

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