Slow sand filters in below freezing weather

The temps have been 28 degrees F at night for the past 4 days now. All the filters have frozen up at night, and thawed out during the day. Last night, Jan 2/3 was the coldest so far, 25 degrees here. (It gets colder here than near Seattle, we are in the foothills at 600 ft. elevation). An attempt will be made today to do a coliform test on at least one of the filters in order to look at how well it works at freezing temps.

Still waiting for the winter to “cut loose on us”. If it does like it did last year, we’re in for it. Last year: 14 inches of snow, and 1/2 inch of ice on top of that. Power out for 3 days. 4 huge trees down here, hundreds of large branches too, much worse in other parts of this area. State of emergency¬†declared¬†by the Gov. .

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