Slow sand water filter DIY video

The new video for filter 4 is up on YouTube as of today Aug. 3, 2012.

Below is a parts list: (this may have some errors and omissions – occasionally, I do this documentation in a hurry in my spare time if it needs to be – so please let me know if there are any questions and i will fix it!)

55 gallon barrel (see the image on the video for type – there are different types of 55 gallon barrels) (complete with top) (food grade plastic)
You will need a source of clean water (lots of it)
Hydrogen peroxide 3 percent solution
Teflon tape (double strength Pink) (wraps on the flexible hose in the drain system at the bottom inside the barrel)
liquid pipe sealer “T plus 2” Rectorseal
5 gallon bucket for the top reservoir (hooks up to the baffle assembly)

12ea 50 pound bags of “Target” (brand name – not from a Target store) filter sand .45 mm effective size
80 pounds of .25 mm effective size filter sand
90 pounds of pea gravel 1/2 inch effective size

PVC FITTINGS AND PIPE: (All the pvc fittings are 1/2 inch.)
1/2 inch pvc pipe (10 foot section).
8 each 90 degree coupler
90 degree coupler female threaded adapter
4 each male threaded adapter
1 each female threaded adapter (will go inside the reservoir bucket on top)
1 cross connector (for the drain pipe assembly)
2 T connectors
If you use a diverter, you will need a 2 inch section of pvc to connect the diverter to the 5 gallon reservoir

3/4 inch spade bit
#45 drill bit
5/32 inch drill bit
electric hand drill, or a “brace and bit” hand drill, or a drill press
A hack saw (or some way to cut the pvc pipe)
you will need a tool to tighten the pipe clamps (hose clamps) a straight slot screwdriver or socket or pliersA socket works best – avoid having the screwdriver slip off and gouging your hand!!!!
A “screen” to hold the gravel while you wash it
A cloth to hold the sand on the screen while you wash it
A container to set the screen on while you wash the sand and gravel


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2 Responses to Slow sand water filter DIY video

  1. Giovanni says:

    Hi, thanks for this parts list. In the video, when you first made a hole in your 55 gallon drum, you inserted some kind of attachment with rubber O-rings to both sides of the hole and twisted it tight. Is that in your list above? Thanks

  2. filter_guy says:

    From the video:
    How to build a slow sand water filter using a 55 gallon barrel. CORRECTION: Where I say “pipe clamp”, I mean hose clamp. What was I thinking? I don’t know. Senior moment, I guess. Another mistake, I neglect to mention the o rings on the output fittings at the bottom of the filter. They are “o” rings. They must fit over the threads of the 1/2 inch fittings. They seal that output. A water-tight seal is needed there. We did end up using a liquid thread sealer. It is shown at the end of the video. The fittings are: on the outside a 90 degree female threaded adapter, and on the inside a 1/2 inch male threaded adapter both are mentioned in the parts list. This video was made showing the parts in an attempt to make it possible to identify them. My apologies if it was confusing to you.

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