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An update regarding our ongoing work on slow sand filters. All of the filters here are still working. The oldest, filter 1, is working after 8 continuous years running. Filters 2, 3, 4, and 5 are still working.

Here in Washington state, it has been a hot dry summer, and the fall is starting out dry also. If we get a repeat of last winter’s lack of snowfall retention in the Cascade mountains, there will be major concerns regarding water¬†here in western Washington state.

On another similar topic; the Earth’s ground water is being used up faster than it is being replaced. In areas where there are large aquifers that are used to supply water, this is a huge problem.

It might be a good idea for people to learn about biological sand filtration and rain water harvesting sooner, rather than later. Think about water. ¬†There’s lots of info in this blog about slow sand filtration and rain water harvesting.

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  1. Olivia J says:

    Great Work, Thanks

    It will help a lot who looking for water filter in residence. But told about Washington state , what about other state in USA?

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