Slow sand water filter update

As of June 18, 2021 we have the donation page working. Its title is “Slow sand water filter information”. There’s a link in the header of every page. All our pages are secure, and the donation is via PayPal. We still don’t have ads on this blog, and the content of this blog is not dictated by advertisers. We are paying for all the hosting and computer expenses from our retirement income. These costs have gone up exponentially. At some point in time we will either need to have ads on this blog, obtain enough donations to pay for expenses, or simply shut it down. All our experience and discoveries will then not be available.

The weather here has been “normal”. Precipitation, and temperatures have been “normal”. We are currently starting a dry spell. Hopefully no fires will start.

Filter 1 is still working, and is in the process of being tested again. We are running water through it and hope to be able to have a professional testing done soon. Another pond filter will be put together this year. This will filter pond water supporting 5 medium sized fish. As we get information we will post it here on this blog.