Water molecules have now been shown to have a fourth “state of matter”

A recent article in “Science World Report” explains how scientists have found a new property of water molecules. A close examination of this information may give new clues as to how a slow sand water filter actually works on the molecular level.  It has been found that water molecules act differently when in microscopically confined spaces such as those which occur in natural environments:

“According to the researchers, such confinements, which are usually 5 angstroms across, are fairly common in nature and occur in environments such as cell walls, mineral interfaces, and dirt.”

In these confined spaces water molecules do not act specifically like solid, liquid or gas.  This may be of interest when determining how slow sand water filters are able to remove some types of petrol chemical contaminants from water, such as PAHs, and THMs.

Hopefully, this above link will remain active for longer than a few days.

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