Slow sand filter update

It is now April 16, 2017. All the filters are now running again after having been frozen solid this winter.  Hopefully we will have the time and finances to do another water quality test on them. As soon as we have more information, we will post it here. We are in our tenth year of work with slow sand water filtration study.

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2 Responses to Slow sand filter update

  1. Eric says:

    First, many thanks for your efforts to perfect this system and share your results. I am curious about the use of activated charcoal as a component to the slow sand filter concept. I used the search function and found nothing.

  2. filter_guy says:

    We tried using charcoal, but only in the output; and it was not effective enough to make it worth the effort. We did notice a very slight improvement in water color, but not enough to make a difference. When we first looked at using charcoal we researched the different types of charcoal available. If you want to try using charcoal, do not use the stuff you can buy at pet stores. Use charcoal made specifically for potable water. We have not tried using charcoal inside the filter as part of the actual biologically active material (sand). I would not recommend it. The charcoal is expensive and not easy to find. I do not know how you would clean it, as it absorbs and holds contaminants. Sand does not do that.

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