Earth (config_earth.txt)

Science, measuring, telescopes, seeing, hearing, knowing,
feeling, Internet, automobiles, cell phones, computers,
medicine, electricity, solar power, wind power, hydro power, coal, oil,
clothing, entertainment, news,
weather reports, drought, bees,
how do we get our food?
how do we get our water? pollution facts,
what is a fact? who’s facts?
deniers, fear, uncertainty, death, doubt,
child abuse, ignorance, education,
greed, money, crime, murder, anger, spousal abuse,
racism, corrupt governments, violence,
People who use religion, resource allocation,
who do you “believe”? who do you “want” to believe?
what is belief? What does science prove?
global warming, climate change,
what is technology? what is science?
how much science will you deny?
How much technology will you deny?
The invention of the wheel, the oxcart,
the automobile, electric cars, hybrid cars,
Energy production, petrol,
wind power, solar power, hydrogen power,
nuclear fission, carbon dating, chemistry,
The “green revolution”, pesticides, herbicides,
greed, resource hoarding.
The drought in the western US
Where do you draw the line?
Airplanes are a hoax?
The international space station is a hoax?
Electricity is a hoax? The Internet is a hoax? Radio is a hoax?
Television is a hoax?
Telephones are a hoax? The moon landing is a hoax?
The Mars rovers are a hoax?
The earth is really flat.
The sun actually revolves around the earth.
My little world here in the states
is the most important place in the galaxy.
Carbon dioxide is not toxic?
Hold your breath for 8 minutes
and you’ll find out how toxic carbon dioxide is.
Deny all of science? Can feelings be liars?
Are you willing to deny hate and war and death?
Are you willing to deny love, compassion, empathy and kindness?
Is the climate of the earth really “changing”?
Changing from what to what?
Is burning coal and oil really harmful to people?
Is the horrific air pollution in China just a big hoax?
If the US controls enough resources
will everything be all right?
How big is the US compared to the rest of the world?
Are the rich getting richer? Education, health care,
clean fresh air, clean clear water,
springtime, birds, flowers, wildlife, snowcapped mountains,
fresh seafood, getting old, eternity.
What if we clean up our earth
so we don’t get sick any more,
and the air is clear and clean,
and the water is clear and clean,
and our food is not poisoned by chemicals;
and then we find out that climate change happens anyway?

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