Observations of filter 4 (what has been learned)

Compared to the other filters I have put together, this one is slightly different. The majority of the sand is .45 mm effective size. This filter appears to be more subject to variations in the input water quality. Heavy rain was followed by the water output clouding up slightly at the beginning of the filter’s initial set up. Also, filter 4 appears to be more readily effected by freezing weather. Freezing weather was followed by the output water becoming highly turbid for 10 days after the thaw. The filters with .25mm  sand in the bottom layer did not do this. It is important to note, however, that this filter was set up within weeks of the freezing weather and the biolayer was not fully developed when the filter froze. The other filters (filter 1,2,3 and the pond filters) had 6 months to develop a biolayer before winter. More later . . .   .

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