Rainwater harvesting regulation

Is government “rainwater harvesting regulation” really ethical? Some people probably will say yes, while others will probably emphatically say no!!!!! How about the privatization of water supply systems putting them in control of “corporate” entities? To this most rational people will probably say no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We all need water, and if one group of people prevents another’s access to water we have a big problem regardless of “government” identity. Access to water will become the reason for war in the future, unless we figure out what to do now. Making sure that access to clean water is NOT a “for profit” situation may be a good start.

Certain facts are obvious, to deny all this is absurd, and shows stupidity beyond belief:
Rain falls from the sky.

Humans cannot control the weather and rain falls wherever, and whenever it does.

Most of the water we drink from lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and most wells comes, indirectly, from rain.

Trees, vegetation, soil, and surface conditions determine where rainwater stays or goes.

In most places, one person capturing several thousand gallons of rain water will have, in actuality, no effect whatsoever on other’s ability to have access to water.
There are exceptions to this in areas where there is little rainfall, such as in the desert.

In cities; catching rainwater in rain barrels helps to keep storm drains from overflowing and spreading polluted water into creeks, lakes, oceans.

Access to clean water is a basic human right.

People need, at the absolute minimum; shelter (clothing, warmth, and companionship), food, water, and air to stay alive.

If you tell someone they can’t breathe, or if you tell someone they can’t drink, or if you tell someone they can’t eat, you are directly threatening their life.

We all have influence (moderated by culture) on one another in direct proportion to population density.

People, who run corporations, sell water for a profit by running it through systems built with taxpayer’s money.

People, who run corporations, sell water in plastic bottles for a profit; and then lots of the plastic bottles end up in landfills or in the Pacific Gyre.


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