Slow sand water filter operation and water clarity

A rudimentary test was done yesterday, October 2, 2013,  to evaluate water clarity on all of the filters running here. The filters that have the least restricted output flow also have the clearest water output. Two of the filters that have the output running into storage did not have enough ventilation and the storage containers did not have appropriate overflow outlets; these two had the cloudiest output. The three filters with continuous flow into vented storage have the clearest output. Not sure exactly why yet. . .    more later.

Filter 5, the one with the cloudiest output, was modified so the storage has an overflow drain that is lower (closer to the ground) than  the filter output. As I checked this system out it became apparent that there was very little, if any, flow through the filter because the storage was full and there was nowhere for the water to go as it flowed out of the filter. As of October 2, 2013, water is free flowing out of the filter into the storage containers.

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