Update on filter 4, and 5

Filter 5, the newest addition to the project, has been filtering water since the last major below freezing weather event (about 6 weeks) using only gravity feed, and manual re-circulation using a 5 gallon container. No electrical power or pumps are used. The huge fir tree (130 feet tall) next to the building over the downspout that feeds this

filter 5 has had branches removed, which has improved the condition of the input water from the roof, since there is not nearly as much debris falling from the branches.

Filter 4 has been filtering water using gravity feed, and re-circulation using a dc powered electrical pump. 80 percent of the flow is from gravity feed.

Both filters are supplying non-turbid water at this point in time. The flow rates have stabilized. Flow measurements will be done shortly; and I’ll post them when I get time.

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