2020 slow sand filter update

It’s now December 16, 2020 covid19 is still here and, consequently,  we still cannot have any tests done by commercial testing facilities. Thankfully, the horrific political situation in this country is somewhat calmed down and science will now be respected again. There has been lots of rain here and some wind and 30 degree weather but no snow . . .  yet.

We have one new slow sand filter in operation. This filter cleans water in a 75 gallon outdoor fish tank that has 4 four inch long fish in it. This is a small filter so the results will be interesting. More details later. All but one of the original filters set up here are still running. The first filter, set up in 2007 is still functional and the sand has not been changed for 11 years. It produces crystal clear water from mildly polluted surface runoff from our roof.

The original pond filter set up 9 years ago is still in operation and the water output is crystal clear. More later.

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