Filter 4 in operation (YouTube video)

This is a quick video I made to demonstrate the operation of filter 4. Refer to the previous post of November 13 2011 “Slow sand filter construction” on this blog for more information about the parts of the filter system shown in this video. The recirculation procedure is the same as on filter 1. Filter 1 and the recirculation system has been working for over 3 years now. The dry season here leaves us with no rainwater flowing through the filters so we must have some way to make sure water gets circulated through the filter to keep the oxygen and food available for the living biological layer. ┬áThis works well by occasionally adding 5 gallons of water from the stored unfiltered water in the large 55 gallon barrel used as the diverter. Only adding a small amount of the stagnant water every week or so is enough to keep the filter alive and working during the summer months.

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