Slow sand filter update

It is now June 15, 2019; and this blog is approaching its 11th year on the net documenting our studies of slow sand filters. All but one of the filters are still running, including two of the pond filters. ( as we posted years before, the 5 gallon filters are not running and have not been for some time; as they did not work). We had an extensive amount of structural damage from this winter’s record snowfall, and we are still working on repairing that damage.  Other climate related damage is slowly destroying the forest here, and in other places in Washington state. Hemlock and fir trees are dying all over the area:

Emerging Issues with Western Hemlock and Douglas-fir

this will likely adversely affect our ecosystem here beyond repair. Damage to the microbes necessary to make a slow sand filter ( and natural water filtration ) work may very well occur. This is a SERIOUS problem. Read the info at the link; its from trusted sources. No “alternative facts” here.

We will post more info as time permits.

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