Slow sand filter video

Here is a link to a video on YouTube of the first filter we set up (Filter 1). It was uploaded in 2007:

Now the story of the video:

In 2007, we uploaded a video of one of our slow sand filters to YouTube. From a website claiming to have “free” music we downloaded a music track to put on the video. This was 12 years ago. The website claimed all their music was free to use without any copyright issues.

Fast forward to 2018: we get a note from YouTube that someone claimed to have copyright to the video because of the music; well “copyright” to be paid a certain amount for each view.  At that point in time we had upwards of 200, 000 views on the video and hundreds, to thousands of views a month. Since our purpose is not exactly to “make money” from views, we decided to take the music off of the video. No problem. . . .   well yes – problem. The references and links that were in place all over the net were no longer valid because YouTube changes the address of the video if you remove music from it. Of course, (we were told) we could just leave the music on the video and then YouTube would leave it alone and we’d still have our place and the links would all be good; but the unknown person/persons claiming copyright would still be making money for every hit to the video. We were told that the music was ok to leave there only if all the money from the hits went to this unnamed entity. Now were the hits due to the music, or the slow sand filter content. Quite frankly, there were 50 or 60 comments saying the music was horrible, and stupid; and yes it was. Ok, enough of that. Let this be a warning: NEVER trust any source unless you are 100 percent sure the music is free.

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